014: Hashtags and Disasters

March 15, 2015



In 2014, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  funded a “Think Paper” about the use of new media in disasters. A subsequent meeting in Doha identified that standardisation of social media hashtags and enabling GPS during crisis could have major impact on integrating big-crisis data into emergency response going forward. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other new media (including YouTube) are all in the mix, but it is twitter that is certainly the most immediate.


It is from that foundation that Roxanne Moore wrote “Hashtag standards for Emergencies” with Andrej Verity. I explore the research with Roxanne and the discuss the impact of the research.


This publication was developed by OCHA Field Information Services with the support of the OCHA Policy Development and Studies Branch (PDSB) and  written by Roxanne Moore and Andrej Verity, with advice and support from Patrick Meier and Sarah Vieweg, from Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).

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About My Guest:

Roxanne has extensive experience in non-profit management across a variety of causes including children's education, emergency response, homelessness, and politics. In August 2011 I moved internationally to Bangkok, Thailand and, within two months of moving abroad she was evacuated from her apartment due to rising flood water. 


In August 2013 she began her Master in Public Health (MPH) in Global Epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH), Emory University, focusing on her interest at the intersection of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies and Data Science. She had previously worked with the CDC in innovative scientific reporting, as well as OCHA in social media policy standards and development of a nonprofit business proposal for the Digital Humanitarian Foundation. Her current role is Ebola Coordinator for the "Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN)"



Episode Shownotes:

Roxanne Moore and Andrej Verity. 2014. Hashtag standards for emergencies. Policy Development and Studies Branch. United Nations- Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)



About the Podcast Host:

Craig, is a health and emergency service management specialist with more than 30 years experience in operational management, emergency planning, health service delivery and service redevelopment. More information can be found at www.cahooper.com 


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