008: Obstetrics / Gynecological Advances in First World healthcare and remote/ low resource areas.

December 8, 2014


Dr Nancy Kerr talks about what she believes is the biggest advances in her specialty of Obstetrics/ Gynecology, and reflects upon its empowering nature. Nancy also contrasts the resource-rich healthcare environment of her usual place of practice to her experiences at the remote Navaho Indian Reservation Health Service and the disaster zone in Haiti. While in Nepal, Nancy and her team developed an amazing device to assist management of life threatening post-partum haemorrhage. A device that can be built, not by a medical device company with costs in the $1000s, but by a local tailor in a village anywhere. 

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About my guest:
Dr Nancy Kerr is a Assistant Clinical Professor with University of New Mexico's (UNM) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Visiting Clinical Professor at UNM's Department of Emergency Medicine,  an Obstetrian in private practice and a member of the New Mexico-1 DMAT. She has a Masters degree in Public Health, Global Health and degree in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



Episode Shownotes:


Topics Discussed

  • Lobo (Link)

  • Univerity of New Mexico (Link)

  • Navajo Area Indian Health Service (NAIHS)   (Link) 

  • Proof of Concept: Postpartum hemorrhage treatment device (Link to full article)

  • Birth Control Options (Implanon®) Via University of New Mexico website (Link)

  • Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) (Link)

  • Dr Mark Hauswalk (Dr Nancy Kerr's husband, referred to in the interview) (Link, Link))



  • Steve Carr. 2011. UNM Investigators Receive $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant (link)

  • Bluetent (2010). Emergency Medicine in Haiti. 26 March 2010. The Watch.  (Link)

  • Bluetent (2010). With Heavy Rains Moving in, Haiti Earthquake Survivors Desperately Need Shelter. 25 Feburary 2010 The Watch. Telluride Rotary Foundation.  (Link)

  • Bluetent (2011). After Haiti Mission, Doctors Express Hope and Fear for Earthquake Victims. 26 May 2011. The Watch. (Link)

  • Bluetent (2010). RAISING ELLE: The Luxury of Hearing: ‘Your Child Is Going to Be Fine’

    18 Feburary 2010 (Link)


Academic References

  • Nancy L. Kerr. (2011) Perspectives From the Field: Who Will Deliver the Babies? Obstetrics and Disaster Preparedness and Response. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness / Volume 5 / Issue 03 / October 2011, pp 242-24  DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1001/dmp.2011.64  (Link)

  • Nancy L Kerr, Mark Hauswald, Suman Raj Tamrakar, David A Wachter and Gillian M Baty (2014) An inexpensive device to treat postpartum hemorrhage: a preliminary proof of concept study of health provider opinion and training in Nepal. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2014 14:81. (Link to full article)

  • Mark Hauswald & Michael R. Williamson & Gillian M. Baty & Nancy L. Kerr & Victoria L. Edgar-Mied. (2010)  Use of an improvised pneumatic anti-shock garment and a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment to control pelvic blood flow.  Int J Emerg Med (2010) 3:173–175 DOI 10.1007/s12245-010-0191-y (Link to full article)


About the Podcast Host:

Craig, is a health and emergency service management specialist with more than 30 years experience in operational management, emergency planning, health service delivery and service redevelopment. More information can be found at www.cahooper.com 




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