006: Managing in Operating Room

November 10, 2014


 The Operating Room, Operating Theatre or Operating Suite is a mysterious place, even for health care staff. Healthcare Management Consultant Kate Mears discusses the changes to technology and management techniques and their impact on the work of the Operating Room.  


About my guest:

Kate Mears brings more than 30 years experience in Operating Theatre, Peri-Operative Suite and Healthcare Management Consulting to bear. Kate's many years of Nursing have culminated into the career of a much sought-after management consultant, Quality and Safety Specialist and Clinical Educator. Her post-graduate qualifications, including MBA and Master of Public Policy, along with international and inter-cultural experience, allow Kate to provide a unique perspective of healthcare, generally, and the Operating Theatre, specifically.



Episode Shownotes:



  • Calvary Hospital (Little Company of Mary). First co-located public-private operating theatre in Canberra  (Link)

  • Sentinel Event Notification. (Link)



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Academic References

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    About the Podcast Host:

    Craig, is a health and emergency service management specialist with more than 30 years experience in operational management, emergency planning, health service delivery and service redevelopment. More information can be found at www.cahooper.com 


© 2014 C A Hooper trading as Operational Health ABN: 3919566814



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