Operational Health is a health and prehospital management organisation specialising in

  • emergency planning,

  • resource alignment and,

  • management capacity building

for health and emergency medical services.

Where we've worked

The Operational Health team have been delivering quality solutions to the healthcare industry for more than 35 years, in more than 15 countries, from

  • remote settlements in Northern Australia, Solomon Islands, East Timor and India

  • tertiary level hospitals in capital cities in Australia and Malaysia,

  • remote mobile clinics in Somalia, PNG, Syria and Philippines

  • disaster responses in Turkey, Malaysia, Timor and Australia

  • aeromedical response in throughout the Asia Pacific region.


We work in a partnership arrangement with a range of industry experts to provide “Best Practice” solutions for healthcare and ambulance services, with "best practice" being a tailored approach to the environment. The ability to work with industry experts provides a contemporary approach to dealing with issues within the health industry when dealing with issues as broad as staff engagement, response times and performance management.


We have provided specialist advice and solutions to many federal and state governments, major peak industry bodies, NGO/ NFP organisations, emergency medical services, ambulance services, hospitals and medical centres, as well as commercial interests, throughout the Asia- Pacific region.


Operational Health works with healthcare professionals and managers to build resilient systems for emergency medical care, prehospital management, patient transport services, event (mass gathering) medical service planning and healthcare quality management.


Operational Health prides itself on its end- to- end approach to training, from building Team Leader skills to newly qualified Medical Assistants, to developing an experiential mass casualty reference for Emergency Medical clinicians (from EMT to ED staff), to capacity building NGOs and Corporate staff prepare for international disaster responses. Training is highly interactive, using a mixed modality approach, and suitable for cross- industry participation. 

What we do​​

  • Health service resource allocation

  • Health and Emergency Medical Service Delivery.

  • Pandemic Planning and Management, including training exercises.

  • Operational and organisational strategy.

  • Emergency/ Mass Casualty Preparation, Planning and Management

  • Human Resource Management and workforce planning

  • Leadership development and capacity building. 

  • Oil, gas and tourism medical and healthcare services (inc EHS, OHS)

  • Safety and quality.


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